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Agro-Soyuz-Projects for farmers of Georgia

Agro-Soyuz-Projects for farmers of GeorgiaGEO AGRO – a Holding from Gergia – applied to one of the enterprises of Agro-Soyuz Holding with a request to conduct diagnostics of its enterprise to improve its efficiency.

The agro-climatic conditions of south-eastern Georgia are very harsh: little precipitation (200-350 mm per year), deteriorated and over-compacted soils. As a result, agricultural enterprises achieve low performance. Georgia imports almost all agricultural commodities, so the government is very interested in revival of agriculture. Reference: a price of a ton of grain in the local market can reach as high as 360 USD. The soil and climatic conditions in the country are such that it will be difficult to adopt even mini-till: destroying the top layer hoe openers result in evaporation of scarce water available in the soil. Consequently, there is only one way out, i.e. adoption of conservation technologies.

Agro-Soyuz-Projects for farmers of GeorgiaThe management team headed by the Director Mamuka Kajirishvili invited the technologists of Agro-Soyuz Project to cooperation. Diagnostics has already been performed. Our specialists visited Georgia several times to investigate fields, learn which crops were planted, evaluate stand condition, how yield is harvested, which logistics is used in field as well as to learn performance indicators of production, management system, etc. Based on this evaluation and data analysis as well as diagnostics and targets set by the enterprise’s manager the modeling of business development for 2014-2017 has been conducted and the strategy of transition to conservation technology has been developed. Adoption of conservation farming elements will start in fall of 2013 with compaction breaking, field leveling and introduction of a new crop rotation.

There is a plan to change the fleet of available machinery in future: hoe openers need to be substituted by disc openers, combines need to be supplemented with straw spreaders; also, the personnel will be trained. These changes will allow the enterprise to reach an absolutely different level of production and achieve target performance indicators.