International conferences

Background of International Conferences at Agro-Soyuz:

  • Information about modern trends in the field of resource-saving technologies in crop growing and livestock farming;
  • First-hand information from world renown experts in agriculture;
  • Sharing of experience with farmers from different agricultural regions and countries, discussions and round-table talks.

Name of the conference

Time frames

Participants and speakers

«Sustainable farming based on systems approach»

9 Conferences in Ukraine
3  Conferences in Russia and Kazakhstan

3500 participants
110 speakers

Dairy farming
«Milk rivers»

3 Conferences (Ukraine)

840 participants
37 speakers

Alternative pig farming
«Golden piglet»

2 Conferences (Ukraine)

510 participants
18 speakers

«Commercial ostrich farming»

6 Conferences (Ukraine)

270 participants
40 speakers

«Agribusiness management. Management»

3 Conferences (Ukraine)

410 participants
24 speakers